Service community Ahtiala, Lahti, Finland - Hoivatilat

Service community Ahtiala, Lahti, Finland

  • Kund: Attendo and Pilke Päiväkodit
  • Typ: Service community
  • Ort: Lahti, Finland
  • Antal platser: 30 seniors and 70 children
  • Färdigställt: 2015

Children and seniors come together in a unique service community unit

 A new service community built in Lahti that combines nursing services for seniors and early education for children is the first unified whole created by commercial service providers in Finland where services for different age groups come together seamlessly. The day care centre and the nursing home are in separate buildings, but share parts of the courtyard. As a whole, the community is organised so that services such as property maintenance, catering and cleaning can be utilised efficiently.

The unit is located in Lahti. The nursing services are provided by Mikeva (now Attendo), while the early education services are provided by Pilke Päiväkodit. Tapaseura, an non-government organisation that promotes good manners, has awarded them the annual Good Manners award for the project that values both children and the elderly.

 Children bring joy, seniors give support

 — In Lahti, services for senior citizens are shifting towards home services and assisted living with the aim of promoting an active way of life. This solution provides great potential for that, says Ismo Rautiainen, the City of Lahti’s director of services and rehabilitation for senior citizens.

— Many concerns have been voiced about how children have little contact with senior citizens due to distances, and also how senior citizens rarely come into contact with families with children, says Petri Pitkäranta, CEO of Mikeva, the service provider that operates the nursing home.

In Lahti, many activities that cross the unit boundaries are being planned for the nursing home and the day care centre. The service providers believe that entirely new models of operation can be developed in the new unit.
— We can arrange activities that bring joy and warmth to the days of both the children and the seniors, says CEO Minna Martikainen of Pilke Päiväkodit, the provider of the day-care services. 

The imagination is the limit

The modular structure of the service community can easily be modified as needed. Since different services are located in different buildings, the entire community can be designed to accommodate the ideas of the customer.
— Several service communities are currently on the drawing board. For one of them we have discussed combining early education for children, an apartment building for senior citizens, a health care station and a grocery store, Jussi Karjula, CEO of Hoivatilat tells us.

When designing service communities with Hoivatilat, the only limits are the imagination of the customer and the services needed in the area.